Charleston Fabrics carries foam rubber any size from 1" to 6 inches and we cut any size you need to fit for your replacement cushion. seat and back. We offer 3 densities of foam rubber to replace you foam cushions for sofa, chair seat, window seat cushion back and all your foam needs and we have it. , up to rigid, long lasting (10-20 years) foams. Bring In your old cushion today to Charleston Fabrics foam rubber replacement for couch cushions, seat cushions, or boat mattress replacement, we replace all shapes and sizes, so come in to our location in Sacramento today!

Support local labor by supporting our upholstery service!
Why buy new furniture and settle for furniture that does not support local laborers and only settle for 1-5 choices of cheap quality fabric. When you customize your own furniture and make it new again, and choose from 5,000 different types of fabric. Don't buy new and own the same piece of furniture as half of the people who shop at chain stores or your neighbor. Make your home have it's own unique style by choosing from our hand picked selection of beautiful durable upholstery fabrics!

 With all of the styles that are available in today’s market it can be very confusing to choose the best Upholstery fabrics for your home. Charleston Fabrics will help you choose the best fabrics for your home because we have over 35 years of upholstery and we know which fabrics work and looks best for each style of furniture. , Let our in house upholstery specialist provide reupholstery services for you!  

When choosing the best fabric for your home, you should stop by

our Sacremento store..
Two simple ways to bring new life to old furniture is through the use of Charleston Fabrics services for Custom Slipcovers and reuphols