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Upholstery Foam Rubber In-stock Cut To Size

Charleston fabrics carry foam rubber any size from 1" to 6"

We cut any size to replace your cushion seat and back. We offer 3 densities of foam rubber to replace you foam cushions for sofa, chair seat, window seat cushion back and all your foam need we have it.

Prices start dirt cheap, up to rigid, long lasting (10-20 years) foams. Bring In your old cushion today

Charleston Fabrics Foam rubber replacement for couch cushions, seat cushions, or boat mattress replacement, we replace all shape and size come in to our location at 961 CHUCK BLVD 29464 in the sea Island shopping center.

We can custom cut foam for your cushions. Typically, foam cushions are made from foam rubber refers to rubber that has been manufactured with a foaming agent to create an air-filled matrix structure.
Commercial foam rubbers are generally either polyurethane foam or natural foam rubber latex. If you are in the local area Charleston SC bring your cushion or size to the store and we will measure and cut your foam to size and even wrap Dacron over the foam and stuff your cushion on the spot. If your cover is unavailable, or if you are not in the local area, measure the area to be "foamed," or make a paper pattern as follows:

Place your cushion on a large sheet of paper and trace your cushion. Cut out your tracing. Then, place your tracing on the area to be "foamed" and see if it fits. Adjust as necessary, until you are satisfied.

Remember, the better the pattern, the better the fit. For odd-shaped areas (such as window seats), which have no existing cover, a paper pattern is the easiest way to ensure a good fit.

Or just try your best to me Usual cushion thickness is 1", 2", 3", 4", 5" or 6". When we cut your foam, we will cut it a little larger to ensure a tight fit within the cover, as the following example describes: Product details All our foam comes in may different size and we can cut the shape you need for your chair, sofa, seat window seat cushion.

Blue or white Ribbon Firm 2550 Density 2.5 / Compression 50 Meets California fire code standards We offer 5 densities of foam cushions 50-45-36-24-18 The 36 densities is perfect for chairs and sofa The 50 densities is perfect for commercial use and dinning home seat The 24 and 18 is perfect for chair back The luxury foam is the best foam last for over 10 years,

However this foam is cost more. We carry the ultimate in luxurious comfort foam rubber , these sheet foam are crafted of fine quality 100% combed cotton. The special soft finish will provide years of comfort and lasting elegance to your chair or cushion.


  • Posted On March 31, 2019 by Carolyn Chambers

    I have an 8 year old soft in which I desperately need replaced. I am having back surgery on the 16th and need to get this done.
    I have 2 L shapes cushions.
    Hope you can help me.
    Carolyn Chambers

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